Seniors Helping Seniors - WHY US?

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There are a lot of non-medical in-home senior care service providers available to you today.  I couldn't even begin to list them all.  Why should you even consider choosing Seniors Helping Seniors for you or your loved one?

I started working for Seniors Helping Seniors myself when I saw an ad on a flight a few years ago.  It looked like a perfect opportunity for me.  They wanted seniors who wanted to "give back" and earn a little money while doing so.

Although my career had been in another field; working with animals actually, most of my neighbors had been retired, and I loved being around and helping them with whatever needs they may have had.  I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me.

I am not unlike most of our "providers."  We are a group of mostly older kids ourselves who are going to have something in common with you or your parents.  We are not going to spend all our time on our cell phones, trying to text our friends instead of spending our time doing the things we should be doing with, or for you!

If you start talking about how you had to get up to change the knob on the tv or wait to make a phone call because you had a party line, we'll know what you are talking about.  We'll know what a manual typewriter is, and may have even used carbon paper in one to correct errors.

Give us a call, or even email us.  We'll come out and talk to you and your loved ones.  There is no charge for this, and no obligation.  I'm sure you'll find our service is very competitive.  Call today at 678-694-8860 or email us at: