Seniors and Medications


Are we living longer?  Indeed we are, but at what cost?  Surely there is the financial cost which is often great, but there is also a physical and emotional cost.

My mother-in-law was very, very healthy her entire life, until well into her 80’s when she experienced a small stroke.  After that, they started finding some other problems that she had masked, or just never knew about.  Pretty soon she found herself taking quite a few different medications each day – all against her will, saying that she just didn’t need them.  Some were from a variety of doctors and I don’t think they all talked to each other and perhaps the pharmacist wasn’t looking close enough either, for there were some problems with interactions.

So what does all this tell us?  You can’t really rely on anyone but yourself (if you are able), or your family to make sure that you are asking questions of your doctor and your pharmacist.  Make sure that what you are taking is correct for you and that you aren’t taking something that is going to interact with something else.

In addition to this, make sure you do your homework on what you are being prescribed.  I have a friend who is much younger but had her life destroyed for many, many years by an anti-biotic that she was given.  She might not have taken it had she known the side effects.  She probably will never fully recover and has already had about 20 surgeries.

However, for those of us just taking an assortment of medications and supplements on a daily basis, I do have some links you might want to look into.

Be safe.  Know what you are taking and follow the directions.  If you need help with medication reminders or other things around the house, please don’t forget that Seniors Helping Seniors is here to assist you.  You can reach us at 678-694-8860 or email us at