New Friends

New-Friends-300x245  Grace, Jerry, Cindy and Carol.

Mary DuBois is the owner of Seniors Helping Seniors in Peoria, AZ, where this friendship developed.  She also owns the office here in Marietta, which is why I'm posting this article.  I hope you enjoy it.

Just had a wonderful lunch with two of our clients.   After hearing each of their stories, I felt it would be good for them to be introduced and get to know each other.

Carol Jackson was the subject of a recent FACEBOOK post (and blog).  Grace lives in Surprise and has a similar health situation to Carol’s.  Both had a stroke, Carol about 7 years ago, Grace much more recent.

I came up with the idea of introducing them when I was doing the story on Carol.  I felt Carol could be someone Grace could relate to and I hoped some of Carol’s “never quit” attitude would inspire Grace to want to work at getting stronger.

For this to make sense, please first read the story on Carol (just scroll down a little).

When I suggested a luncheon meeting all three of them were excited.  Grace came with her husband, Jerry.  We met Carol at Palos Verdes Senior Living in Peoria, Arizona for lunch in their private dining room.

For most of the time, Jerry and I listened to each of them tell their own unique stories.  Some differences, some experiences, exactly the same; especially how they felt, how they handled their limitations.

Each tried different treatment plans and they were interested in hearing how a different approach either worked or didn’t.  They bonded immediately. I think Grace was encouraged by Carol when she described how she’s working with a personal trainer at a local fitness center.  In fact, they set up a day to meet at the fitness center so Carol can introduce Grace to her trainer.  Hopefully he can help Grace gain strength and flexibility with a program similar to Carol’s.

Jerry was encouraged by Grace’s enthusiasm to try something new.  Carol was excited to have a new friend, and Grace was so relieved to talk to someone who completely understood what she was going through.

Not only does Seniors Helping Seniors try our best to assist seniors in their west valley homes, but we also look for opportunities to bring people together to work with each other, support each other, and encourage each other.

I am hopeful this new connection will benefit both Carol and Grace!


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