Don't Believe Everything You Read on Social Media

calling for help


I was just recently sent an email that contained an article about two ways that women were being “targeted” by predators.
In one scenario, a baby seat would be placed on the side of the road near thick vegetation or woods.  A woman would see this baby seat and stop to investigate.  At this point she would be grabbed and dragged off into the trees or vegetation and rapped and/or killed.   In some cases, if the woman did not immediately stop, eggs would be thrown at her windshield, in hopes she would immediately start the windshield wipers, causing the situation to become even worse.
The lesson learned here is good.  Do not stop, instead, call for help dialing 911, and in case of the egg, do nothing.  Putting on the windshield wipers will smear the egg, and even worse, adding water to the mix will cause a milky smear making it impossible to see anything.  You will see much better doing nothing until you can safely get home or to a gas station.
In another case, a story that I saw posted was about women who are followed and then flashed with red lights by an unmarked vehicle.  You are led to believe this is an unmarked police vehicle.   This story tells you that dialing 112 instead of 911 is a special method for woman to get in touch with police for just this type of situation; to find out if this is indeed a real police officer who is trying to pull you over.  Well, not so true, unless you are outside of the United States – although it might work, it will take longer than just dialing 911 because it has to filter through the 911 system first.  Please see the following links to see the real truth, including the article that was sent to me, as well as the “rest of the story.”

The lesson here?  Be careful what you read.  You can learn a lot, but make sure you check out things like the 112 call for help.  Calling for help in any situation like the above is so important, you do not want to wonder about what number to call.  Make sure about things you read like this.  Check it out before you really need it.
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