Dreaming of Spring

I can remember when I lived up north and would spend the winter months thumbing through all the gardening magazines I got in the mail, just dreaming of the time I could start planting again.  Almost always, I would start … Read More

Coloring Books for Seniors - Really?

How many of you remember when you were a child and loved coloring in a coloring book? I remember. I spent a bunch of time coloring as a child and loved it. Well, would you believe coloring has become a … Read More

Stay home or move to assited living?

The time has finally come. You need to decide for yourself or your parents whether or not it is time to move in to an assisted living facility. Before you make up your mind, there are several things to consider … Read More

Birding in Georgia

How many of you enjoy watching birds?  It is one of the most enjoyable things that I can do. I love walking down a trail and watching out for new birds I haven't seen before.  I love drinking a cup … Read More

Are You That Person?

Are you among the many who decide to make a New Year’s Resolution at the beginning of the year? I guess I’m old enough to know that with very few exceptions, I am not going to continue with them for … Read More