Christmas Message

We at Seniors Helping Seniors hope you all had a very merry Christmas and hope you have a wonderful new year, filled with good health and fond memories. We would be proud in the coming year, if you would consider … Read More

Where Does Your Money Really Go?

Most of us give to charity. Some of us give in the form of a monthly donation; it could be once a year, just occasionally, or perhaps instead of money, you give of your time. How do you know who … Read More

Dementia and Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary Tract Infections are hard to detect in seniors, especially those who suffer from dementia. I was given an article just recently and was very surprised to read how the symptoms of a UTI are very different in the elderly … Read More

To Help - Or - Not?

As a Christian, I am encouraged to help those who need it. The question that always comes up in conversation though is – “how can you tell if someone is scamming you?” I have had two instances in the last … Read More

Christmas Traditions

The History of Christmas We all know a lot of the traditions that occur around Christmas and the holidays.  But, do you know how they came to become those traditions? I think we all know that Christmas is the celebration … Read More